Sports betting blogs that are worth following

We bet on sports using different tactics and goals. Some hope to win it big, others do it socially, while there are people who enjoy the exhilaration. As for tactics, we rely on a friendly tip, dumb luck, conspiracy theories and we do research ourselves. Enter sports betting blogs, the analyses and opinions written by people who have made it their mission to study the subjects, the statistics and even the quotas of athletes and teams.
These blogs can be really popular especially when the European football championship is starting and bettors are super excited to place their bets using blogs tips (champions league vinder odds) while trying to predict the group winners!

Here are sports betting blogs that you definitely shouldn’t miss.

Green All Over

This blog doesn’t limit itself solely on sports. There are also tips on financial investments, and an odd post now and again about the author’s own preferences. Green all over has been active since 2008, and, according to blog description, is not giving tips of submitting profit and loss reports. The downside is that the blog itself is not exactly regular nor is it focused – number of posts ranges from 2 to thirteen per month and the topics cover anything from football to horse racing.

The Sports Curmudgeon

The heading of the website starts with a disclaimer, which reads: Don’t Get Me Wrong, I Love Sports…” The blog consists of rants, analyses and rehashing past blunders, as well as the commentary regarding what the writer believes should and shouldn’t be done with individuals, teams, and even the rules of the games. It is updated regularly and there are about four posts per week, each one radiating with in-depth understanding of the subject matter at hand. The blogger even provides us with the sports columnists they read frequently, so it is fair to say that the blog posts are written with a lot of research backing them up.

The Sports Geek

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill blog. This is a full-fledged website with its own picks and betting strategies. That being said, it does have a fairly regularly updated blog, covering soccer, American football, Ultimate Fighting Championship, and even an occasional update regarding the laws related to gambling on sporting events. They are active on Facebook and Twitter and even have their own YouTube channel.


Another blog active on social media is Daily25. Its name stems from a gimmick with which the author tried tracking his betting and making sure he earned an average of $25 a day. The gimmick exploded into something new and it threatens to become his day job, with the daily $25 becoming $250. The blog doesn’t track the players, their health and what their earnings are. It also doesn’t rely on the author’s personal favorites. What it does do is follow various tipsters, treating sports betting as another person would follow the stock exchange.


Here is where things get more than interesting. Pinnacle isn’t a typical betting blog, as it covers not only sports, but also the controversial eSports. This means that you can bet on tennis, volleyball and crossfit but also on League of Legends and Overwatch. The reason this is pointed out is that eSports have teams, and the blog follows their successes and failures, picking favorites for various tournaments.

There you have it, some of the finest blogging enthusiasts that you can find online give you their betting tips and opinions, as well as document their own experiences. We hope you enjoy the read.