Betting on Races Online: Pros and Cons

When you are betting on races of any kind, you have an option to bet online or via a land-based bookmaker. Also, in the case of horse racing, you can bet directly at the racecourse. In this article, we explore the benefits and downsides of betting on races online versus other kinds of betting.

The biggest advantage of betting at the racecourse is that it gives punters access to live action. You can cheer for your favourite, socialize and enjoy the time outdoors. The most common option if you are betting from the racetrack is to use an on-course bookmaker. However, the downside is that these bookmakers don’t allow live betting and don’t have as much betting options as online bookmakers.

Although some would say that nothing beats the excitement of being at the actual race, betting online is definitely a great alternative if you are unable to visit the racetrack. It gives punters plenty of options and you can also benefit from the generous welcome and VIP bonuses and promotions. Moreover, some punters actually prefer betting from home to the fuss, crowd and noise of the actual event. Another advantage of betting online is that you don’t have to bet in cash, which makes it safer if you are betting with larger sums of money. Also, land-based bookmakers generally cover less racing events than online bookies.

Most importantly, live betting is available at most online bookmakers. Betting live means you can place the bet even after the game has already started. It is a great option that makes betting much more exciting and lets you decide who to bet on based on the actual game and how it unfolds. You can change your bet during the race, adjusting it to the unexpected change in circumstances (e.g. an injury). Moreover, live bets allow for a variety of unique options not available in any other forms of betting. A disadvantage of live betting, however, is that live streams can be late, and sometimes even just a few seconds can mean the difference between winning and losing.

A new type of betting combines the edge that being on the course gives with the benefits of live online betting. You can bet online while being at the racetrack! This gives punters a significant advantage, since they don’t have to rely on third-party reports when placing their bets. Instead, they can observe live action directly.

Although not as convenient as betting from home, a combination of online betting and attending the race is ideal for those who want to exploit all the options offered by online casinos (especially live betting) with the excitement of being at the sports event.