Motivational books for athletes

We sometimes forget that sport stars and Olympic athletes are human. We gaze at them like gods, or heroes. We look at their achievement and think that, truly, they are the pinnacle of human capability. We seldom expect to reach that level. Why? Because many of us think we simply can’t do it.

Now imagine that we were wrong. Imagine that you could do amazing things, that you already have a great head start. Well, you do. It is because you ARE amazing. Furthermore, just in case you forget, here are some great books to help you get out there and give 110% one more time.

Bring Your “A” Game: A Young Athlete’s Guide to Mental Toughness by Jennifer L. Etnier

There is only so much your body can do. There are limits, limits imposed on you by the safety systems of your body. Those limits are fine – they are there to protect us from harm. Unfortunately, there is another kind of limit that many athletes, especially younger ones, face daily. That limit is fear, combined with not believing in your own performance and your own capabilities.

Enter “Bring Your ‘A’ Game”, a book written specifically for young athletes who wish to overcome their own obstacles. Jennifer L. Etnier tells us that mental toughness is something that can be taught, and should be practiced, very much in the same manner as physical fitness. You are well on your way to master your body, and this book will help you master your mind.

The Golden Rules – Bob Bowman

Bob Bowman is arguably one of the best swim coaches in the world. He was credited for the success of Michael Phelps, a world famous record-breaking swimmer. Bowman knows how to find talent, mold it and help young swimmers reach their full potential.

He has written The Golden Rules as a collection of useful life lessons we often shy away from, often not even realizing it. Through many anecdotes and personal experiences, Bowman shows us what it means to fight, to risk and to win. While this book is intended for athletes, lessons and advice found inside can be applied in everyday life and business ventures.

Chasing Excellence – Ben Bergeron

Here is another coach well acquainted with the struggle of athletes giving their all. Ben Bergeron has seen his fair share of crossfit enthusiasts working hard to beat their personal bests every day. While some people are not big fans of this somewhat extreme sport, the book offers useful insight into the minds of competing crossfitters during the 2016 Reebok Crossfit Games.

According to Bergeron, should you read this book, you will find a step-by-step guide to achieving excellence and see for yourself that success is not the goal, but merely the result of your continuous efforts and a strong will and desire to be the best you can be.

The TB12 Method – Tom Brady

Last, but certainly not least, our favorite five-time Super Bowl Champion gives you a complete rundown of how to diet, exercise and live your life. The reason this is the motivation book for athletes is that it is truly an in-depth guide, with illustrations and tips regarding building your body into something special, while not neglecting the nutrition aspect of it all. We truly believe the TB12 Method is right for you.