Top Apps for Tracking Your Results

If you think that now is one of the greatest times to start your workouts, you would be absolutely correct. Now that we have the help of technology, it’s better than ever and is so easy to do. There are apps from all over the world wide web and they all do you some good. They help you with your routines, track your movements, and tell you how much you did. Doesn’t that sound really nice? Here are some of the best apps that will help you on your journeys.

Hot5 Fitness

You can try out this amazing app for yourself for free for a limited time and if you seem to like it, you can pay around $3 US dollars every month to keep going. Even though you might need to pay, this app is loved by millions of people for it’s very professional. Your workouts are one step at a time to keep you up to pace with your routine and to also stay balanced and not seem too difficult. These are made by the best trainers here and they will give you the best of the best. From yoga to extreme lifting, they have everything you need to keep you satisfied with your purchase. You will not get bored while using this app and will instead be rewarded with amazing results to your body. The videos they supply you with can range from five to forty-five minutes each, so there is always time for one video whenever you need it. It’s also made for anyone to navigate through their system, so even if you don’t know all of the latest technology, you can still find your way to what you want. One more great thing about this app is that you can use it anywhere, for there is no internet required. It’s something that everyone wants, no limits.

Carrot Fit

If you find yourself not too compelled with positive enthusiasm and need an extra kick with very hard pushing, then this app would be for you. If you look for the type of enthusiasm you would find in a harsh trainer, you’re in luck. It is known for being judgemental and will actually criticize you if you don’t get to your goal sooner rather than later. It’s for those who can take it though, if you don’t like this kind of thing, then definitely don’t try it out, you may think of yourself as not doing good enough. However, it’s not the case and is only used for people who take this to push themselves harder. Some people can go along with it and others can’t. To keep things interesting, your trainer on the app will only give you some great and juicy tips on working out after you lose a pound or two. This app also comes at a price coming in around $3 US dollars every month. If you look on the bright side though, you can feel so much better about yourself when you’ve accomplished your goals.


If you’re like me and like to save up your money, then Cody would be a better choice for you. This app is completely free and you can even be a part of a large community with other fitness people just like you. You can do workouts with them once you become their friend and the fun never ends. It’s almost like a social network, only better, because the options of workouts are always there and you don’t have to do them alone. If you want, you can post all of the exercises you have done during the day and other people can interact with your posts by commenting on them.