Top UK Marathons

Marathons are so much fun to be a part of. It’s something to tell your friends and family about- how you did and what you did. It’s something to be very proud of and tell your children and/or grandchildren of your successes. So what better way to prove yourself that you are capable of anything, than by running for great marathons? Here are the best marathons from people who have experienced them.

London Marathon in London

Probably known as the most popular of marathons in Europe, people want to know about the London Marathon the most out of all others. It’s one that all the people go to and tell their friends about. For anyone who runs, you can be sure that they will be attending this one, it’s just got to be on the list. What people love the most about it is that it’s not just running endlessly around the track at all. It’s about stops along the way, reaching a checkpoint before the other ones. The runners feel like they have achieved something this way and that they are really proud of something to look back on. Not to mention the great sights and sounds that come along with this wonderful journey. Like the Buckingham Palace, that is sure to get anyone excited. So what are you waiting for? Run the marathon and look at all that is has to offer now. You’ll even find yourself running amongst some famous people.

Snowdonia Marathon in North Wales

Here is one for the records with extraordinary views. It’s also quite a challenge and one that you will look back on with fond memories if you can do it. Try running or jogging- but not walking- up a hill for the first four miles. If you make it, you’ll be rewarded with the long downhill run- but keep your feet under you because it’s twisted and full of turns. There are many runners who share their experiences with this marathon saying it’s one of the best they have ever done and that it’s one that everyone should do. You will feel great afterwards. There is lots of running involved going straight uphill and straight downhill, so it’s a great way to boost your stamina up and to get those muscles toned for your future marathons.